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Spinal health condition is very complex problem. Sitting position at work and lack or not enough exercise are just the two main reasons, out of many more, which cause back pain. Painful spine condition is one of most popular orthopedic issue in the world and it concerns nearly 80% of whole population.

The best way to cure such conditions is simply to prevent them. That is why I highly recommend active life style. If it is not enough to maintain health, I also recommend one of my preventive programs. (Children and youth posture correction), (Senior preventive program), (General prevention).

In case of severe pain problem, such as sciatica, full recovery is possible, but it depends on many factors. One of higher importance is duration of current problem. On first visit I examine patient and do some tests which allow me to find source of problem and evaluate duration of therapy and what effects might be expected.

    Besides helping in severe cases I also help in:
  • Post traumatic and post surgical rehabilitation,
  • Posture defect corrections,
  • Treating of radiating pain,
  • Incresed tension and overstrain causing psycho-emotional problems.


    Additionally, thanks to possibilities that acupuncture gives, range of health problems that might be overcome is much wider and effects often exceeding the results which can be achieved by treating primary problem.

    At first, acupuncture increases effectiveness of manual therapy. Secondly, it helps in treating coexisting ailments, such as:

  • Chronic overstrain,
  • Immune deficiency,
  • Digestive difficulties,
  • Anemia, Low blood results,
  • sleeping problems,
  • alergies, food intolerance,
  • pain (headache, migrenes, sinues),
  • Shortness of breath, cough, asthma,
  • Skin problems,
  • Problems with voiding or defecation,
  • Anxiety, irritability or other emotional disfunction.

Effects and duration of therapy depend on individual case and response of the patient to the way of treatment.


Manual Therapy and Acupuncture

In my practice I combine advantages which these two methods give. Such combination is the effect of my research on the most holistic approach of treating/healing spine problems. Most of the problems may be solved by Manual therapy. There are always very specific indications for surgical intervention but as long as one does not match them it is always worth to try Manual therapy. Literally, Manual therapy is any action done by therapist hands on patient's body. In this specific approach it is all about certain grabs and moves and most of all about precise diagnostics.

  • Manual Therapy

    Holistic Manual therapy does not only deal with the biomechanical causes of tissues dysfunctions, but also their psychogenic background. Combination of these two matters is particularly important for both - treating and preventing of any motor system dysfunction. Manual therapy can be supplemental to classical treating methods as it can increase its efficiency and may become integrative part of healing process. Manual Therapy is not in opposition to theoretical and practical approach of Western Medicine As its methods are precise, efficient and always scientifically confirmed.

  • Acupuncture

    Acupuncture is another perfect supplement of such healing pattern. Thanks to its holistic approach and deep diagnostics it allows to define what is the source of dysfunction and how to treat it so it will not come back in future.

    Acupuncture is a method of stimulating human body system by needling very specyfic points. In its wider meaning it also refers to other ways of point stimulation such as: Fotopuncture, laseropuncture or moxa.

    To provide maximal efficiency of such therapy, specific points and way of their stimulation should be chosen according to the rules of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Mechanism of Acupuncture

    In paradigm of Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture is described as bringing back the harmony in energy flow in human body. Western Medicine for many years intensively searches acupuncture.

    Nowadays, the following mechanisms of the method are postulated:

  • influence on secretion of endogenic opioids and their influence on feeling pain and functions of nervous system,
  • influence on serotonin secretion and its following influence on:
    1. mood, sleeping and brain functions,
    2. apetite and digestive layout,
    3. pain modulation.
  • influence on hormones which can have anti inflammation action,
  • influence on nitro oxygen level what can result in blood flow in some regions of brain and body,
  • influence on vasopressin and oxytocin which influence on blood pressure and some functions of reproduction layout,
  • changing spatial conformation of collagen fibers, stimulation of fibroblasts and conduction of signals along the connective tissue fibers.
  • Indications

    Acupuncture should be practiced only by qualified acupuncturist, who can properly diagnose patient and suggest method of treatment. List of scientifically proofed indications which can be treated with acupuncture was published by WHO in 2002, but it is still modified and extended.

  • Contraindications

    Because acupuncture is very safe method there are no absolute contraindications to use this method if patient consent to use it.

  • Relative contraindications are:
    1. Active psychiatric disease,
    2. Cancer,
    3. Pregnancy,
    4. Skin changes in place of needling,
    5. Alergies to Ni or Cr or other elements.


In hands of well qualified and experienced acupuncturist , acupuncture is very safe.

There are noted only 11 out of 4441103 treatments when there were severe adverts events such as pneumothorax, broken needle or depression. Out of other side effects the ones mentioned are: tiredness, bruise, sleepiness, nausea. These side effects can happen for 0.3-3% of all treatments. Using "one use only" needle completely eliminated the problem of spreading contagious diseases, which was noted in the past. Also, better knowledge of human anatomy let to avoid puncture of organs.

Knowledge of diagnostic and therapeutic process described in Traditional Chinese Medicine prevent undesirable increase of symptoms and weakness, or can predict their coming in course of known effect of treatment.

Source: www.compleo.pl



I have graduated physiotherapy Master degree from Medical University of Gdańsk in 2010. Human body, its mechanics and way it functions have been fascinating me for over 15 years. Thanks to this persisting fascination all the time I am trying to explore the secrets of how one's body works, by taking part in various courses. Now, I dedicate most of my interest to Acupuncture which in my understanding is the best method fulfilling Holistic rehabilitation concept. In 2013 I successfully completed course in basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Academy of acupuncture Compleo in Katowice, Poland. All the time I work on possibly most holistic approach of rehabilitation, by combining learnt methods in a way which will bring full and long lasting effect.


Manual therapy and acupuncture

  • first visit150 pln
  • following visits120 pln

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